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Article ID: 132042, created on Jan 10, 2018, last review on Jan 10, 2018

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  • Operations Automation
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Due to whatever reason there is a service template that exists in OA but is absent in BA. It is not possible to delete such template from OA, an error is returned

 No service template(s) deleted. 

In the core.log we can see the reason of failure:

Jan  3 09:51:11.158 : INF [UI:9e08a64b:130:1514962271135 1:23514:7fb4f2bfd700 BMBridge ]: [ BM::{anonymous}::logCallToBM] Attempting to invoke BM with parameters: { 'AutoCommit' => 'No', 'Method' => 'ServiceTemplateRemove_API', 'Params'=> [ 7, ], 'Server' => 'BM', }

Jan  3 09:51:11.177 : DBG [UI:9e08a64b:130:1514962271135 1:23514:7fb4f2bfd700 lib ]: [ BM::Bridge_impl::performCall] {module_id="BMBridge"; code="10"} Business Automation reported error while trying to remove service template.
                Error: -1, Table ServiceTemplate doesn't contain row with id 7.
Error Code: 0x85c20417.
Report ID: 30.
Jan  3 09:51:11.177 : DBG [UI:9e08a64b:130:1514962271135 1:23514:7fb4f2bfd700 BMBridge ]: [ BM::Bridge_impl::onRemoveServiceTemplate] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.040848]
Jan  3 09:51:11.194 : DBG [UI:9e08a64b:128:1514962270379 default-task-14:689 pau]: c.p.p.s.o.e.ObserverManagerBean Corba exception on observer invocation, observerClass: RemoveServiceTemplateObserver, scId: 16Plesk.ExSystem: IDL:Plesk/ExSystem:1.0


The reason of the issue is the bug with id #POA-114279 ("It is impossible to delete object which does not exist in BA").


Please contact Odin Technical Support for assistance to remove the service template.

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